Welcome to the Champaign County Sustainability Network (CCNet). CCNet is an organization focused on convening Champaign County in discussions about the broad topic of sustainability and the opportunities we might uncover as we work to become a more sustainable community. We meet monthly at the same time and place and at each meeting we will learn about a specific topic, with time for discussion. Over time, we'll cover the range of sustainability topics. We'll host special events, as needed, on topics or at locations of interest to the group and community. Come learn more about us and about sustainability in our community.

Noon, Thursday, November 19, 2015


Champaign Farmer's Market - Round One

Sarah Simeziane, Manager
Champaign Farmer's Market

Sarah Simeziane is the manager of the Champaign Farmers' Market. After completing M.A.degrees in Communication and Linguistics at the University of Illinois, Sarah began teaching at Parkland College and working with the Urbana Market at the Square, as the assistant director. Through this position she was able to learn more about local food, help administer Link matching programs to expand struggling families' food budgets, and hone her photography skills at the market. She joined The Land Connection,  a Champaign non-profit that specializes in farmer training, farmland preservation, and sustainable farming, in April 2015 for the launch of the new Tuesday afternoon farmers' market in downtown Champaign. She will be talking about the successful first market season and plans for the second season and beyond, including the challenges of setting up and promoting a new market, the variety of events and educational programming offered by The Land Connection and its partners and sponsors, and goals for future seasons. You can learn more about the Champaign Farmers' Market and The Land Connection at: http://thelandconnection.org/blog/champaign-farmers-market-round-one

12:00 pm
Champaign County Economic Development Corporation
1817 S. Neil Street, Suite 100
Champaign, IL 61820




Noon, Thursday, October 22, 2015


Boneyard Creek Info Lunch 
Urbana Civic Center

108 E. Water Street
Urbana, IL

We will listen to Brad Bennett, City of Urbana, Environmental Engineer, discuss the Green Infrastructure improvement to the Boneyard Creek, City of Champaign's Eleanor Blackmon and Alex Nagy will follow up with Champaign's Green Infrastructure implementation in the large stormwater management projects including the Boneyard and West Washington St Detention Basin. A light lunch will be included during the presentations, then we will walk the Boneyard to see the Green Infrastructure.

Upcoming Events:

Sustainability Week 2015!

CCNet will foster collaboration around leadership opportunities for Champaign County. The current topic that creates an opportunity for competitive differentiation is sustainability. This opportunity enables us to attract and retain innovative ideas, products and people, and it will attract external financial resources in the form of federal funds, research dollars and new corporate investments.