Welcome to the Champaign County Sustainability Network (CCNet). CCNet is an organization focused on convening Champaign County in discussions about the broad topic of sustainability and the opportunities we might uncover as we work to become a more sustainable community. We meet monthly at the same time and place and at each meeting we will learn about a specific topic, with time for discussion. Over time, we'll cover the range of sustainability topics. We'll host special events, as needed, on topics or at locations of interest to the group and community. Come learn more about us and about sustainability in our community.

Join us for our Summer Tours!

June 18 - Sustainable Student Farm
The Sustainable Student Farm has been producing locally grown, organic produce since 2009. The farm offers students the opportunity to experience what it takes to produce the food we eat, while focusing on making the campus more sustainable.  The SSF uses high tunnels, solar heated, plastic covered greenhouses, to deliver produce 10 months of the year.  SSF provides produce for the University Dining Services, i.e. the students, and runs a farmstand on the quad from mid-May through mid-October of each year.  In 2016, the SSF will begin a CSA program.

July 16 - Prosperity Gardens
Learn about the work done to acquire vacant property, start a garden and work with disadvantaged youth programs!

August 20. - Urbana-Champaign Sanitary District

More information to come!

CCNet will foster collaboration around leadership opportunities for Champaign County. The current topic that creates an opportunity for competitive differentiation is sustainability. This opportunity enables us to attract and retain innovative ideas, products and people, and it will attract external financial resources in the form of federal funds, research dollars and new corporate investments.